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Buying sunglasses we sometimes treat them as a fashion summer accessory and forget that primarily it is an optical instrument with its own purpose. Our site is always ready to offer you a lot of sunglasses discount coupons, so you can conclude a truly crazy sunglasses deals. At the same time, we are ready to give you some practical advices on the proper selection of sunglasses.
Choosing glass
The main thing is glass, their properties, strength and protection from ultraviolet rays (UV). Sunglasses should not be too "dark" and too "light". The ideal choice for our retina is filter of neutral gray scale, which does not distort colors, but only mute them. Smoky glasses with uneven density are very nice: above - darker at the bottom - lighter. They provide an opportunity to protect you from the sun and at the same time to see good all around.

Lens color is very diverse, but you should take into account the following moment: yellow, pink and orange glasses, which so popular now, are extremely harmful for the central nervous system. The fact, that the yellow light overexcites retina and causes the so-called optical stress. Those who wear yellow or orange glasses, become irritable, easily excitable and sometimes aggressive. Well known, the green color calms nerves very well. Green sunscreens have also therapeutic effect - they lower the eye pressure. 

Quality glass lenses from well-known companies protect the eyes from UV rays, are strong enough and covered with a special compound that protects them from sand or road dust. We offer eyewear discount coupons, guaranteeing the high quality of all our products. Lenses can be almost transparent, but with 100% UV protection. The degree of protection is indicated on the earpiece, label or in the passport. Sign “UV 400” means that the chemical composition of the glass (the same applies to high-quality polymer) involves additives which provide 100% protection. Modern lenses from polymer CR-39 and C-13 are sun optics miracle. Polarizing lenses make well-defined and contrast image – they are ideal for skiers and boaters. Photochromic lenses protect crystalline lens from sudden changes of light. One problem - "Chameleon" glasses do not protect the eyes at 100%.
Glasses with mirror coating also reflect light patches, but much worse polarizing models. 

Graduated lenses are bi-color, darker on top and lighter at the bottom. Graduated sunglasses are often used for driving: sunlight does not blind the driver and the dashboard is visible.

Modern polymer is almost weightless and shockproof. Only one "but": in spite of the special coating these lenses are easily scratched.

For people with myopia or hyperopia sunglasses from the old firm Karl Zeiss, producing sun lenses from +18 to -24, are very good. And, of course, for such people photochromic glass are very comfortable.

Selection of the rim

The second point, which is worth paying attention, when you buy products with our printable fashion sunglasses discount coupons, is frame. How it’s fashionable, stylish, comfortable.

Do not buy glasses in plastic frame - they are quite fragile. Or choose the ones where the wire base is inserted into the plastic handle. Non-traditional materials are increasingly used for frames, such as rubber or titanfleks (it restores shape after bending). Plastic hasn’t such flexibility.

For oval face almost any frame is good, so the main thing is not make mistaken with size: too big lenses will give you too extravagant look. If you have a square face, and you want to look cool - buy glasses with massive lenses of rectangular form. For triangular face the thin metal frame is better. It should be of medium size with a thin bridge on the nose. People with round faces glasses with black or dark brown lenses are good.  

Threatening dangers

Choosing sunglasses, note the following moments:

The eye pupil must be placed exactly in the center of glass.
Lens color is better to be gray or gray-and-green. The most dangerous is yellow color.
It is better if the top of the glass will be darkened more than the lower part.
Sunglasses should not distort the colors of objects.

You should not spare money: cheap sunglasses do not protect your eyes and can even cause blurred vision. If handled properly, they will faithfully serve you for years. The main rules are very simple: do not put glasses with lens down on a solid surface, do not leave them in the place of heat concentration (for example, on the hood of the car) and put it in its case when you don’t use it.

Our site will always help you to choose quality sunglasses from hot brands and get designer sunglasses discount coupons. In any case, with our website you will always get great discounts and make crazy sunglasses deals!

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