Discount coupons can help to make money from home

If you need to make money, and we all do, but are also a stay at home parent, consider these quick ways to make money online. Working from home is a great way to balance work and family. You’ll still be around to watch your kids and be there for them if they need you, while simultaneously increasing your household income. It’s easy and a lot of it can be done right from your computer. So here are some ways on how to make money quickly.


   You can sell what you no longer need on eBay, like old books, CDs, and old tech gadgets. One thing you can also do is visit sites such as where you can find coupons to buy things at a lower price, then you can sell those items on eBay at a slightly higher price and make a profit. You can also utilize this site simply to save money on your own grocery shopping and other family needs.


   Craigslist is another great way to make money on the internet by selling no longer used goods and posting ads offering services such as tutoring right from your own home. So if you’ve got a college degree in a certain field or are just a whiz at math, offer tutoring services from home for school children in your local area. Craigslist also has a free section, where people literally just want to get rid of old junk for free, which you can then pick up and sell yourself on eBay or Craigslist. But be quick about this, free things go fast so you need to keep an eye on the free section or someone else will swoop in and take what you might want.


Another way to make some quick cash at home, and you can even get your children involved with this, is by having garage sales. You’ll get rid of a lot of the clutter filling up your home and you can name your own price. Using to buy items at a low price and then selling them for a slight profit is also a great thing to incorporate into a garage sale.


Another thing you can do right from home is become a customer service representative. Many companies hire people from all over the place to take phone calls straight from their own homes. When you call up customer service you are sometimes redirected right to the home of the person taking your call. Since this work is all done over the phone it really doesn’t require you to be anywhere but near a landline phone and a computer with working internet access.  


Freelance writing is another option you have. With so many companies online hosting websites they need content for their sites. They need writers to promote their sites by writing articles. If you can write, and string a few proper sentences together, you can definitely find some work in freelance writing. There are even free fiction and poetry writing contests out there that offer monetary prizes. Though there is no guarantee of making money this way, but if you happen to have some old stories lying around why not submit them?


You can also consider writing and self publishing an eBook and charging a small fee, say 99 cents or $1.99 per book. Publishing an eBook is free and an easy way to get your book out into the public without waiting for a publisher. Plus, at such a low cost more people will be inclined to buy it on impulse because it’s so cheap compared to a book you might buy at Banres & Noble. So if there’s something you’re very knowledgable on, consider sharing that with others through an eBook.


If you, or your kids, are into arts and crafts Easy is an online marketplace where people buy and sell the crafts they make at home. Many people love homemade things and this is a place where you can buy and sell one-of-a-kind merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else. And again, if you’re a stay at home parent this is a great way to spend time with your kids while making money, because what kid doesn’t love doing arts and crafts?


One last suggestion on how to make money fast is to take online surveys. They’re all over the place offering money for your time. There couldn’t be an easier way to make money than clicking off a few boxes and hitting submit. Many of these surveys are to help companies get some feedback and product evaluation. They want to know if what they have is what you want, so let them know and get paid for it! 

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