Discount coupons will help in choosing a car.

In the second part we will continue to look at the main points you must consider buying a car.


Transmission is designed to go with less fuel consumption, climbs uphill and reverse. We offer the automobile diagnostic special offers and discount coupons, so you could at any time to check the gearbox, saving money and making sure the safety of your car.

Mechanical (or manual) gearbox includes from four till six gears. For gear shift the clutch pedal is used that have become customary for experienced drivers. With the mechanical gearbox you can drive more responsive than with automatic. Than more gears are on the box, than better, each gear corresponding to the certain speed (for different cars switching intervals are different). 

Automatic transmission is easier to manage: no clutch pedal, which eliminates the constant pushing on it. In the cars with automatic transmission it is easier to get a move on and move around the transport loaded city. The only negative side is a bit more fuel than for the car with a manual transmission. And for the dynamics of acceleration differences are not noticeable. The complexity of the automatic transmission is only in repair, but they it is quite durable.

Drive type 

Front-wheel drive means that the car front wheels are driving, i.e., swirl through the engine. With this arrangement the car has better behavior on the road and is very sensitive to the steering.  

The mechanism of the rear drive is more reliable and time-tested. But, unfortunately, it leads to the power loss due to the transfer of torque from the engine through additional mechanisms. It will also be for you an additional source of noise and breakage. The disadvantage of this type of the drive is poor handling on slippery roads. It is chance of skidding back of the car.

With all-wheel drive all four wheels are driven by the motor. Due to this, the car gets great rates of patency and stability on the road. Disadvantages are only in expensive maintenance and increased fuel consumption. Also the car with such box requires a certain amount of driving experience. If the car is "buried", it will become almost unmanageable.

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Another factor which influences on the car choice is warranty service. Manufacturers offer warranties of up to six years, regardless of mileage, but you necessarily must pass inspection by dealers with regular intervals of traveled kilometers. On our site you will always find air conditioning services discount coupons, and special offers for engine service, transmission and other parts of the car to save significant money.

The most attractive conditions are from the Japanese manufacturers, some of them offer six-year warranty. The more so Japanese cars have proven itself by the excellent quality. But it is necessary to pass a mandatory maintenance every 15 thousand kilometers, and cost of this service is not so small. European cars do not have such a large period of warranty, but the service of some brands can have very pleasant cost. Given the conditions of warranty service you may roughly calculate how much money you need to spend extra to the car cost.

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In conclusion we would like to add that despite the fact that many manufacturers already offer air conditioning, radio, airbags in standard equipment, we would like to have other options. And if your requirements for comfort level high enough, you will have to shell out extra money for a more complete package, especially for means of active safety. Plus count somewhere else for 10% of the car value for an additional cost. In any case, we are always ready to offer you coupons and discounts for parts and accessories for various car brands. Here you can find the auto zone, strauss discount coupons to save considerably on maintenance of your car.  
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