Happiness and discount coupons

Happiness is such a big word and it means so many things to so many people. Some people think happiness is an inside job, or living in the present moment, while others believe that material wealth and achievements are the keys to happiness. For some people happiness is just having enough to live comfortably.

It’s nothing extravagant; they just want to be able to make ends meet without pulling all their hair out. And for others still, happiness seems to always be out of reach as they strive for a kind of perfection that does not exist.  

For most people in the real world, happiness is equivalent to having huge sums of money. To living comfortably and not having to lift a finger. It’s lying out on the beach all day, dining out every night and not having to wake up at 6 AM to go to work at a job you hate. However, for many people a life of luxury simply doesn’t exist. Many people spend their whole lives saving up for that moment when they’ll finally have enough money to be happy. In the end that moment never really seems to arrive, or we never seem to arrive at that moment. 

Not that it’s wrong to save money. There’s no shame in looking for ways to save money so you can live a bit more comfortably. In fact, there are an infinite number of resources online such as FreeStyleCoupons.com that offer you ways to save so you can live a more enjoyable life. Sites like these offer free printing coupons that you can print right from your own home and use when you want. You can save yourself a little bit of money on things such as groceries, entertainment and clothing. And many people do believe that this is what will bring them happiness.

But in the end I think we’ve all got to agree that there’s something a bit off about this whole money business. There are people who are filthy rich, who grace the covers of newspapers and magazines, who appear on TV all the time, run multi-billion dollar companies, and yet they don’t look very happy. You can see it in their eyes. They look sort of dead. Their eyes have no life in them, no sparkle, no joy. Their smiles are usually forced, and you’d think with all the money they have they wouldn’t have any reason in the world to frown. But the truth is it’s not money that brings you happiness. It’s your state of mind. Your perspective on life and how you look at the world. It’s how you decide you’tr going to relate to others, how you treat other people, and how you treat yourself.

Children are usually the happiest among us and they don’t know a thing about money. They’re happy because they’re playful. They don’t take life seriously and they are capable of letting things go. They don’t hold on to anger and grudges for very long. They find joy in the simplest and silliest of things. Most of us forget how to do that as we grow up because it’s taught out of us in schools and by others, and then everything we do turns into a way to make money in the future. So we can live comfortably, in the future. So we can be happy, in the future, and we’re constantly putting off our happiness in the present moment, for the future.  

So  . You’re unhappy because you forgot how to live in the moment. You forgot how to find joy in the little things. You’re unhappy because you’re constantly living in the future instead of the present moment. You’re anxious and worrying all the time, and if worries and anxieties brought positive lasting results then you’d be totally justified in constantly stressing out about every detail of the future. But as you’re probably well aware of by now, stressing out only causes health problems, early aging and unhappiness. There’s a huge difference between doing what you can to save money and then moving on as opposed to doing what you can to save money and then spending the rest of your waking life worrying about whether or not what you did was the right thing, was enough, will be enough.

So don’t feel like you should suddenly stop trying to save money, or make more money on the side. Resources such as FreeStyleCoupons.com are here for a reason. They’re here to help. Plus, there are many ways to make extra cash online and nobody’s saying that you shouldn’t. The main point is that you should do what you can and then let it go. Do what you can and then go and enjoy life. Do what you can and then go take a nap, lie out in the sun, meditate, calm your mind. Do what you can and then drop it from your mind. It’s your constant worrying and stressful thinking that is causing your unhappiness, and you can do something about that. And believe it or not, when people learn to let things go, when people learn to quiet their minds, when people learn where true happiness really lies, things start to get a whole lot easier. Life becomes more enjoyable, and happiness is suddenly realized as something that comes from within, and nobody can take that away from you.

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