How to feed a family of delicious and inexpensive using discount coupons online


It’s not impossible to provide your family with delicious and inexpensive meals. You can get huge savings just by cooking at home instead of ordering take out or going out to eat. It may take you a it more time to put a meal together but it will save you money. You can save even more by cutting back on unhealthy food items full of sugar such as candy and sodas. 

You’ll save a lot of money on beverages if you simply buy a water purification pitcher instead of bottled water as well. They cost around $40.00 and will save you a lot in the long run. Plus drinking water is infinitely better for your health than most beverages sold in grocery stores. Even the fruit juices are full of sugar and fructose corn syrup. Just eat an apple instead, or buy organic juice if you can afford it. Visit for possible organic food coupons.

Use coupons whenever you can for your grocery shopping. There are many websites that offer daily grocery coupons online that can help you save. Try and use coupons whenever you can on staple food items such as vegetables, rice, meat and pasta. Buy only fruit that is in season because those are always cheaper. Don’t use coupons on sugary snacks and junk food. You’ll save even more by simply cutting those out of your diet completely. It may be difficult at first to give up those food items, especially if you have kids, but in the end your health will improve dramatically and you will feel better too. 

Consider saving coupons in an envelope or folder whenever you come across any that offer discounts on items you might need in the future. You can stock up on certain items now by using those coupons before they expire. This doesn’t mean that you should buy whatever you find a coupon for, but certain things you will always need, like paper towels and cleaning supplies and toilet paper. Using coupons on anything you might need will help you save more money on food. Look for free coupons online and in local newspapers.

If you want to take your family out for dinner look for Kids Eat Free restaurants. Especially now in this economy many establishments offer great deals for families or large groups of people in order to attract more customers. Use restaurant vouchers whenever you can and take advantage of any deals that may be offered. 

If you want to save money by cooking at home you can find free recipes online at Cooking at home can save you a fortune. You can make twice, even three times as much food, and pay only half the price. There are usually always leftovers which can keep a family fed for days at a time, even a whole week. And if you’re cooking for a special occasion you can even learn how to bake a cake from scratch which will cost you less than buying a cake form a bakery, and it might even taste better too. Plus you can know exactly what’s going into your cake and bake it with healthy alternatives in mind such as brown sugar instead of white sugar, or whole wheat flour instead of white flour.


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