How to keep your teeth healthy with discount coupons

Dental care can be expensive, especially if you’re not taking proper care of your teeth to begin with. You can save on a lot of future expenses by finding affordable dental plans in your area as well as learning how to care for your teeth. However, if you still have some dental issues but can’t afford to pay a lot, low cost dental care does exist. Visit the ADA website for more information on finding an affordable dental plan in your area. You could also go to a local dental school where you can get a teeth cleaning for free and visit for possible dental coupons to help you save.  

   When I was a kid my worst fear was my teeth falling out so here are some simple tips to help keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.  Brush twice a day, for at least two minutes, and if you can brush after meals as well. Invest in an electric toothbrush. It will remove a lot more plaque than a regular toothbrush.

Rinse with mouthwash twice a day and brush your tongue to get rid of bad breath causing bacteria. Floss regularly, and again, if you can, floss after every meal. Avoid sugary foods, candy and carbohydrates.  

   These foods can cause dry mouth and plaque buildup which can lead to gum disease and decaying teeth.

Stay away from soda and juices as well, and stick to water and milk.

Eat foods such as apples, strawberries (they can help to whiten teeth) carrots, celery, sardines, salmon, cheese and dark leafy vegetables.

And most importantly, visit your dentist every six months for check ups. Even if you happen to have the top dental plan in your area it’s not going to do you any good if you’re not taking care of your teeth on a daily basis.

   There are many dental offices that will offer you a free dental consultation so if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to make an appointment and ask. There is no straight forward rule on how to choose the best discount dental plan. You simply need to do your research and find what’s affordable for you. If you can afford any dentist you like then be sure to find one who knows what he’s doing and doesn’t take short cuts when cleaning your teeth. Also, some dental insurances, such as AmeriPlan Dental® Plus, offer you a family dental discount, so that is always an incentive to making sure you and your family get regular check  ups

If you are looking for even more ways on how to find low cost dental care look online for possible savings such as crowns and caps discount coupons, and look for toothpaste discount coupons at

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