Money ,discounts coupons and Women's Psychology

If you’re a woman reading this you probably like to shop. You probably love finding great deals on things such as cute and affordable dresses, and cheap cocktail dresses. You probably also have a family and need to budget your money wisely in order to pay the bills. And lastly, you probably suffer from a little condition known as impulse buying, which is really just your mind’s way of tricking you into believing that you need this item, and that item, in order to be happy. So here are some tips on how to deal with the psychological side of money, shopping and impulse buying.  

Women and money can be tricky when women begin to connect money to fashion and then equate clothing and designer labels with happiness. So one key to successful budgeting is identifying what it is you actually need as opposed to what that little voice inside your head is telling you that you want, and therefor need, or you’ll just die without it. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference. Most of us can but the desire for certain items, such as shoes and dresses, can be a bit overwhelming at times. Next time you find yourself yearning for that new handbag stop and ask yourself these questions. What was the last item I bought that I really didn’t need but desperately wanted?
Did I want it because I thought it would bring me lasting happiness? Has it brought me lasting happiness? Do I even wear or use that item anymore? Do I even care about it? Am I still as emotionally invested in that item as I was when I first bought it?
Chances are you’ll come to find that the adrenaline rush that you thought would last forever from owning a Burberry coat is rather short lived, but then we falsely believe that we need to buy something else to get that high flying feeling back. We don’t. The truth is that spending and buying so much is a trap, because we think that shoes, handbags, coats and dresses are made out of happiness, but they’re not. They’re made out of cotton and leather and suede. There is nothing intrinsically “happy” about an item of clothing, but when you start to depend on material things for happiness you start to believe that happiness grows on hangers, and it doesn’t. It never has and it never will. Remind yourself that happiness is something that comes from within and when you’re genuinely happy you’ll look good in anything you put on.

Another key to women’s financial success is saving and spending money wisely. There are many discount clothing stores such as Marshall’s, Kohl’s, Target and T.J.Maxx where you can buy name brand clothing at discount prices, as well as many outlet malls. Make the decision to shop these stores before heading to the department stores, and always start with the sales rack first. Department stores are always having sales so make a decision to shop only when there is a sale going on, that way you’ll have a better chance at finding what you need, and want, at a lower price. Make the clearance sale rack your best friend.

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Another thing you should do is look for online coupons that can be used at your favorite places to shop, but why limit it to clothing? There are coupons for just about everything from groceries to clothes to toys to entertainment to pet supplies.  
But just because there are a coupon available for things does not mean that you need to use them. If it’s not really something you were planning to buy in the first place a coupon does not mean that you suddenly have to buy it. Money wise women know that you’ll save yourself even more by being smart about what you need as opposed to what your mind tells you can now afford because you have a coupon, even if you never really intended to buy that particular item in the first place. If you don’t need it don’t buy it.

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